Sienna Suede

Permanent Eyebrows
The Eyebrow procedure taught by the AIIC certified instructors is beautiful! Anyone who applies eyebrow pencil will love this procedure. AIIC utilizes Shadowing & Hairline techniques, strokes of pigment implantation that appear natural. Those suffering from Alopecia (hair loss) are grateful for AIIC’s natural techniques.

Length of Time to Apply Procedure: 5-40 Minutes
Suggested Fee: $350–$750

Beautiful Black

Permanent Eyeliners
Implantation of subtle shadowing in the lashline can mimic hundreds of tiny eyelashes, popular among men as well as women to achieve a very natural appearance. Additional shadowing of color can create a soft enhancement. Depending upon desired results, a bold line can be achieved as well. Permanent Eyeliner is recommended by opthalmologists for those who are allergic to makeup & for those wearing contact lenses.

Length of Time to Apply Procedure: 5-35 Minutes
Suggested Fee: $375–$700

Spiced Russet

Permanent Lipliner/Color
The Lipliner/Color procedure can actually appear to reshape or change the size of the lips as well as enhance the color, and it’s beautiful! Permanent Color will assist in preventing lipstick from bleeding into surrounding skin as well as camouflage age lines that surround the lips. Many people request color similar to that of an infant – a very natural soft pinkish/red. Others desire a more dramatic effect.

Length of Time to Apply Procedure: 30-90 Minutes
Suggested Fee: $500–$800

50% Light Olive 50% Medium Olive

Permanent Scar Camouflage
The AIIC technique for scar camouflage speaks for itself. Anyone who has been scarred for any reason reaps the benefits of this procedure. Color is mixed to match the skin surrounding the scar, then implanted into the scarred tissue. In some cases, the scar will actually seem to disappear.

Suggested Fee: $350 per hour and up

Dark Ebony Areola

Permanent Areola (Nipple) Pigmentation
Patients undergoing breast reconstruction or those born without color in the nipples benefit from Permanent Pigmentation. Physicians recommend the procedure for several reasons including a positive impact on a patient’s self-esteem.

Length of Time to Apply Procedure: 5-40 Minutes
Suggested Fee: $550 per hour and up


Permanent Cleft Lip
Receiving permanent pigmentation to a cleft lip actually appears to reshape the lip.

Suggested Fee: $500–$800

Sheer 2

Permanent Camouflage For Birthmarks, Stretch Marks, Freckles, Age Spots, & Hairline
Skin imperfections seem to disappear with AIIC’s techniques for skin and scar solutions implantation.

Suggested Fee: $200 per hour and up